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Apples and Oranges (Single Release, 1967)

Arnold Layne (Single Release, 1967)

Flaming (Foreign Single Release, 1967)

It Would be so Nice (Single Release, 1968)

Point Me at the Sky (Single Release, 1968)

Remember a Day (Foreign Single Release, 1968)

The Best of Pink Floyd (Сборник, 1968)

One of These Days (Foreign Single Release, 1971)

Relics (Сборник, 1971)

Arnold Layne
See Emily play
Remember a day
Paint box
Julia dream
Cirrus Minor
The nile song
Biding my time

Free Four (Foreign Single Release, 1972)

A Nice Pair (Сборник, 1973)

Money (Foreign Single Release, 1973)

Us and Them (Foreign Single Release, 1973)

Masters of Rock (Сборник, 1974)

Have a Cigar (Foreign Single Release, 1975

Tour '75 (Promotional Album, 1975)

Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) (Single Release) (Foreign Single Release, 1979)

The First XI (Boxed Set, 1979)

Comfortably Numb (Foreign Single Release, 1980)

Run Like Hell (Foreign Single Release, 1980)

A Collection of Great Dance Songs (Сборник, 1981)

One of these days
Shine on your grazy daimond (part 1)
Wish you were here
Another brick in the wall (part 2)

Money (Single Release, 1982)

Pink Floyd Hits (Сборник, 1982)

When the Tigers Broke Free (Single Release, 1982)

Not Now John (Single Release, 1983)

Works (Сборник, 1984)

One of these days
Arnold Layne
Brain damage
Set the controls for the heart of the sun
See Emily play
Free four
Breathe reprise

Learning to Fly (Single Release) ( Promotional Single, 1987)

On the Turning Away (Single Release, 1987)

One Slip, High Hopes (Single Release, 1987)

Take it Back (Single Release, 1987)

Interview Picture Disc
(Foreign Single Release, 1988)

One Slip
(Single Release, 1988)

Money (Promotional Single, 1993)

The Early Singles (Сборник, 1993)

Dark Side of the Moon (March 23, 1993) (Юбилейный сборник)

High Hopes (Single Release, 1994)

Limited Edition Interview Disc (Promotional Single, 1994)

Lost for Words (Promotional Single, 1994)

Keep Talking (Promotional Single, 1994)

Take it Back (Single Release) (Promotional Single, 1994)

Coming Back to Life (Promotional Single, 1995)

What Do You Want from Me? (Promotional Single, 1995)

Wish You Were Here (Foreign Single Release, 1995)

Animals/ Collection of Great Dance Songs (Сборник, 1995)

The Final Cut/ Wish You Were Here (Сборник, 1995)

London 66-67 (Сборник, 1995)

The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (August 4, 1997) (Digital Re-masters )

Pink Floyd 1967 - The First 3 singles (August 5, 1997) (Сборник)

"Is There Anybody Out There?" The Wall Live 1980-1981 (March 27, 2000) (Digital Re-masters )

Echoes (November 5, 2001) (Сборник)

Disc 1
Astronomy domine
See Emily play
The happiest days of our lives
Another brick in the wall (part 2)
Hey you
The Great Gig In The Sky
Set the controls for the heart of the sun
Keep Talking

Disc 2
Shine on you crazy diamond (part 1-7)
The fletcher memorial home
Comfortably numb
When The Tigers Broke Free
One of thes days
Us and them
Learning to fly
Arnold Layne
Wish you were here
Jugband blues
High Hopes




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