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Take It Easy/Get You in the Mood
(released May 1, 1972)

Witchy Woman/Early Bird
(released August 1, 1972)

Peaceful Easy Feeling/Tryin'
(released December 1, 1972)

Tequila Sunrise/Twenty-One
(Released April 17, 1973)

Outlaw Man/Certain Kind of Fool
(Released August 6, 1973)

Already Gone/Is It True
(Asylum 11036; released April 19, 1974)

James Dean/Good Day in Hell
(Released August 14, 1974)

Best of My Love/Ol' 55
(released November 5, 1974)

One of These Nights/Visions
(released May 19, 1975)

Lyin' Eyes/Too Many Hands
(released September 7, 1975)

Take It to the Limit/After the Thrill Is Gone
(released November 15, 1975)

New Kid in Town/Victim Of Love
(released December 7, 1976)

Hotel California/Pretty Maids All In A Row
(released February 22, 1977)

" Life in the Fast Lane/The Last Resort
(released May 3, 1977)

Please Come Home for Christmas/Funky New Year
(released November 27, 1978)

Heartache Tonight/Teenage Jail
(released September 18, 1979)

The Long Run/Disco Strangler
(released November 27,1979)

I Can't Tell You Why/The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
(released February 4, 1980)

Seven Bridges Road/The Long Run
(released December 15, 1980)

Get Over It (studio)/Get Over it (live)
(released November 1994)

Learn To Be Still/Hotel California (live)/Wasted Time (live)
(released 1995)

Love Will Keep Us Alive/New York Minute (live)/Help Me Through the Night (live)
(released 1995)

Lyin' Eyes (B-side of Lookin' for Love, by Johnny Lee)
(released June 30, 1980, from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack)

Lyin' Eyes (B-side of Hello Texas, by Jimmy Buffett)
(released October 13, 1980, from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack)




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